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Fallen Patriots

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation


About Children of Fallen Patriots

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (CFP) honors the sacrifices of our fallen military heroes by ensuring the success of their children through college education. Since 2002, we have provided over $64 million in support to over 2,800 military children from all branches who lost a parent in the line of duty. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation has earned a perfect rating from Charity Navigator, and due to generous Board donations, 95% of third-party donations go to programs. It is our honor and duty to give these children the future their mothers and fathers dreamed of by ensuring their college education.


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Student Success Stories

Fallen Patriots have provided over $64 million in college scholarships to more than 2,800 military children who lost a parent in the line of duty. Yet, Fallen Patriots mission continues to support the 25,000 children of the fallen. While the ongoing conflict in Ukraine reminds us that the world remains a dangerous place, wonderful patriots like you reassure our students and current military Families, that their children’s futures are secure and that the memory of their parent’s sacrifice will never be forgotten. Down below read about a few of the many student success stories for scholars representing all military branches.

Andrew Michel

Abbie Wittwer

Madison Wetzel

Andrew's Story

Andrew Michel is the son of U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Second Class Jeanne Michel, who passed away in 2006. Andrew is a senior at the State University of New York – Plattsbugh where he is studying Criminal Justice. While attending SUNY, Andrew has been a member of the Men’s Soccer Team and the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity.
Andrew says that friends and family would describe his mother as fierce, brave and strong-willed. “My mom’s military service means the world to me.
I know that there are many mothers out there who are serving their country and I cannot imagine the strength and courage it must take.”

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Abbie's Story

Children of Fallen Patriots scholar Abbie Wittwer is the daughter of U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Frank Wittwer, who passed away in 2006. When asked
how friends and family would describe her father, Abbie says, “My dad was everything a kid wanted their dad to be. He was fun, kind, smart, strong, and
loving. My dad loved being a pilot and serving his country, but he also loved being a dad, and he was great at both.
” With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots, Abbie graduated from the University of North Georgia with a degree in Accounting in 2022. While in college, Abbie was extremely involved in extracurricular activities at her university. She was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, where she served as their Vice President of Finance. She served as the Vice President of Activities for Beta Alpha Psi, and also mentored at Knights of Heroes in her free time. In 2022, Abbie joined the Children of Fallen Patriots team as a Staff Accountant.

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Madison's Story

Madison Wetzel is the daughter of U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Brian Wetzel, who passed away in 2018. With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots, Madison graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Digital Media. She is planning on pursuing her graduate degree in Creative Writing. “I hope to cultivate my writing skills and use both degrees to help me become a writer in the film industry,” Madison says.
Madison explains that family and friends would describe her father as funny and charming. “He just had this way about him, my family always says that he never met a stranger. Everywhere he went he would chat with people and make a connection. It’s a rare and beautiful gift and my brother, who is much more extroverted than me, is the same way. I love that aspects of him are still alive in both of us.”

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